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Product Description

Forced Circulation Evaporator is a highly useful and advantageous apparatus, which can conduct evaporation with the help of reduced pressure. It has been used to evaporate components like thermo labile materials. This device is utilized to concentrate certain feed materials, which contain inorganic salt. This salt can be recuperated as a semi-liquid mixture or slurry after the execution of evaporation process. Certain mechanical tools are fitted in this evaporator in order to circulate the materials. In the evaporating pan, there is a mechanical propeller or stirring rod that can help to whisk the contents.

It has been extensively applied for crystallising liquids and fouling liquors. The beneficial features of this device are excellent heat transfer ability along with high vacuum, optimum capacity range etc. The capacity of this device ranges from 0 to 100%. It can take more solid materials than any other Multiple Effect Evaporator. The liquids, which have been used in this evaporator, are solutions of Sulfuric acid, Phosphoric acid, Fertilizer liquors etc.