Falling Film Evaporator Plant Manufacturer In Gujarat, India


Product Description

Falling Film Evaporator is an effective and functional industrial device widely utilized in the chemical process, paper and food industry in order to concentrate solutions, mainly temperature-sensitive components. It is a productive heat exchanger, which tends to treat the heat-sensitive products in a pleasant way. In this device, the liquid to be evaporated drizzles quickly due to the slender film inside the wall of a vertical tube.

The vaporization occurs into the tubes because of the external heating of the vertical tubes. The evaporated condensation and intensive liquor have been differentiated in the vapor head and in the lowest chamber of calandria by centrifugal force or by weight or gravity.

Most commonly used solutions can be diluted sulphuric acid, Caustic soda, diluted fertilizer liquors, strong phosphoric acid, Molasses, sugar by-products, vinasse etc. This machine has numerous attractive features such as moderate retention time, outstanding droplet separation power and excellent liquid viscosity power.